Victoria Cross written by Saskia
For the patriot album release 7th February 2020
My single is out now . I give you this song free . It’s for the patriots veterans for all over the world to help the homeless and in poverty .


Victoria Cross

They come from doncster and all over the kingdom
Young boys even from Lincoln
Go off to war to protect us all
They fight for us they stand tall
Some are old some did not make it back
For those we go to their graves in dressed in black
We honor them all they kept us free
To keep our country for you and me
They earned their Vitoria’s cross
Even when their lives were lost
They went off to war when they got the call
We honor their service they gave it all
They want me to go what am I gonna do
Go off to war to fight for me and you
I won the medals they say for being brave
Even if it meant going to my grave