I will be telling you all about my trip in London this week and the gifts i fetched back up north for my mum lol . i managed to pick an amazing top hat ! for my Shania Twain Tribute that i do .
   i'm so excited to do my new photo shoot next week with my Shania hat on with my 6 foots tree.

    on my travels i met Ricky Rebel the new amzing Pop Star. i also went to watch him live with poochy ! he was amazing and forced my hand to start dancing again ! i'm in that dance studio next week . Prompto !
    Ricky toured with Destiny's Child , Britney Spears , and many more . He was lead singer to a boyband in the States , who Michael Jackson discovered . When you meet him you can see it .
    Ricky is so talented he took me by surprise . I am now a huge fan and friend .
   we went shopping in London aswell .  I'll add Rickies website later .

  lv Saskia x

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